2-Minute Tips for Marketing

Free download 2-Minute Tips for Marketing. This tutorial/course is created by LinkedIn Learning Instructors and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Marketing skills are covered in this course.

Learn great tactics and techniques from top marketing experts with these short, engaging, stand-alone tips. Get useful advice and instruction that you can apply to your work today, including quick tools and platform advice—everything from what Instagram filters are best for business to custom reports for YouTube advertising—as well as important skills like how to keep large and small marketing presentations on track, perform content audits, and marketing with visual storytelling.

– Your customers receive thousands of signals daily. It’s your job to rise above the noise and to stand out with messages that resonate. Hi, I’m Deirdre Breakenridge, a marketing expert and author of six books on PR and branding. And here are some tips to help you craft messages that stick. First, you always want to create messages that your customer understands. What you share should never go over someone’s head or fly too far under the radar. People shouldn’t have to think too long or too hard about what you’re trying to tell them.

You also want to connect the messages to your audience’s world. Make them more meaningful to their lives. The most powerful messages are the ones that trigger an emotional response, but remember, whether you’re trying to create excitement, happiness, passion, the emotion always starts with some kind of relevant connection. Next, think about trust and sharing. They go hand in hand. How much does your audience trust you? Remember, communication is only as credible as the source.

Here’s where your credibility goes a long way. Companies work very hard to build trust. With a high level of confidence, an audience will share more. Lastly, give your messages the wings to fly. Of course, you want messages to spread rapidly, but there’s no secret to a viral message. If people understand and trust your message, then they’ll pass it along to their families and friends too. Don’t just create messages to get lost in a noisy landscape when you can use these tips to make your messages resonate with your audience.

Free Download 2-Minute Tips for Marketing

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