3D Printing & Modeling Household Parts

Free download 3D Printing & Modeling Household Parts. This tutorial/course is created by Tanya Staples and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. CAD and 3D Printing skills are covered in this course.

Missing a knob, bracket, latch, or other household part? Replacement parts are hard to come by, and can be difficult to find. Discover how easy and rewarding it is to 3D print your own parts. In this course, Tanya Staples and Greg Pickard show how to put today’s 3D printing technology to work in the home. Together, they’ll show you how to measure a part, model it in SketchUp, print a prototype on a desktop 3D printer, and make sure the part fits. Plus, learn how to use third-party services such as Shapeways to print the part in metal or another industrial-grade material.

– In the last few years, 3D modeling and 3D printing has come a long way. What used to be something that was only accessible to professional industrial designers is now something that’s accessible and achievable to people like you and me in our own homes and offices. My name is Tanya Staples, welcome to my home. We recently moved in, and I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but we discovered we were missing all kinds of parts and pieces around the house. For example, we had three of these towel racks, but we only had one mounting plate, which is required to mount it to the wall.

Now, I coulda gone out and purchased new towel racks, but these matched some of the other fixtures we had in the bathroom. And it also seemed wasteful to just throw these out. So I’ve been doing some research on 3D printing, and thought I could probably figure out how to create my own part. I was a little intimidated, but I was lucky that I had Greg Pickard, who’s our production lead in our live-action studios, who’s been doing a lot of development on our 3D printing courses. And so we worked together, and Greg helped me really understand how to measure our original part and model it and sketch it.

Then we are going to print it with our MakerBot printer in plastic, and then we’re gonna take a look at how we can use external printing services, such as Shapeways, to print in more industrial materials, such as metal, which is what we use for our end part. So, our hope with this course is not that you duplicate the work that we’ve created here, but that it inspires you to see how easy and accessible it is to create your own projects at home.

Free Download 3D Printing & Modeling Household Parts

  Download 3d-printing-modeling-household-parts-udemy.rar (604.44 MB)

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