Acrobat DC: Creating Accessible PDFs (2015)

Free download Acrobat DC: Creating Accessible PDFs (2015). This tutorial/course is created by Chad Chelius and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Business, Accessibility, Design, Digital Publishing and PDF skills are covered in this course.

Accessibility means making sure your content is available to as many people as possible. When you make your PDFs accessible, it means adding tags, bookmarks, alt text, and other information that makes the files readable to users who are visually or mobility impaired. Using Acrobat DC, and other tools such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign, it’s now much easier and faster to create valid, accessible PDF files. In this course, Chad Chelius explains why accessibility is important and what features an accessible PDF should include, and shows how to streamline the process of creating accessible PDFs using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, and Acrobat DC.

Topics includes:

  • Understanding the experience of users with visual impairments
  • How to know if a PDF is accessible
  • Setting up Acrobat DC
  • Tagging content, including lists and tables
  • Adding metadata, bookmarks, and alt text
  • Generating a PDF with Microsoft Word
  • Creating accessible PDFs from PowerPoint, Excel, and InDesign
  • Controlling tab and reading order
  • Adding cross-references and tables of contents

Hi, I’m Chad Chelius and welcome to Creating Accessible PDF files with Acrobat DC. In this course I’ll show you how to create accessible PDF files using a number of different techniques. I’ll start by showing you how to take an existing PDF file and re-mediate it so that it’s accessible to users with visual and mobility impairments and can be read using an assisted device. I’ll then show you how to streamline the process of creating an accessible PDF file by incorporating features in to source applications including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe InDesign.

We’re using these applications, not only because of their popularity but because they actually have the ability to pass accessible information to a PDF file to make the PDF file accessible. Throughout this course I’ll show you techniques, tips, and tricks on how to get your work done faster, more efficiently and most important of all, correctly. I’m excited to show you how to make PDF files accessible and compliant and I’m happy that you’re joining me for this course. Now let’s get started.

Free Download Acrobat DC: Creating Accessible PDFs (2015)

  Download acrobat-dc-creating-accessible-pdfs-2015-udemy.rar (853.65 MB)

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