AutoCAD 2014 Essential Training: 6 Sharing Drawings with Others

Free download AutoCAD 2014 Essential Training: 6 Sharing Drawings with Others. This tutorial/course is created by Jeff Bartels and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. CAD and 2D Drawing skills are covered in this course.

Join author Jeff Bartels as he shows how to transition your AutoCAD designs from concepts to workable construction documents. First, discover how to create hard copies of your drawings that are printed to a measurable scale. Then learn to assign annotations to a plot scale, so text, dimensions, and callouts are properly sized. Next, you’ll explore how to share drawings with others—even between different CAD programs. Jeff also takes a close look at the DWF format, which enables clients to view and mark up drawings without CAD software. The final chapter offers designers a chance to use what they’ve learned to complete a small challenge project.

Topics includes:

  • Creating quick plots
  • Choosing line weights
  • Creating, organizing, and reusing labels
  • Using the Annotative property to size text and multileaders
  • Creating custom scales
  • Saving drawings to other formats
  • Plotting to PDF and DWF
  • Sending drawings via email or eTransmit

Hi, I’m Jeff Bartels. Welcome to AutoCAD Essentials 06, Sharing Drawings with Others. In this title, we’ll explore how AutoCad helps us transition our designs from concept to construction. We’ll start by looking at plotting. Whether you are creating a quick worksheet or a formal exhibit, I’ll show you how you can easily create hard copies of your drawings, that are printed to a measurable scale. Next, we’ll learn how to tie our annotations to the plot scale. We’ll also explore how to share our drawings with others, even if they are not using same CAD program as we are.

Along the way, we’ll look at the DWF file format. Using DWFs, your clients can view and mark up your drawings, without needing any CAD package at all. Finally, I’ll give you an opportunity to take the skills you’ve learned in this title, and apply them to a small project. Whenever you’re ready, follow me and we’ll get started.

Free Download AutoCAD 2014 Essential Training: 6 Sharing Drawings with Others

  Download autocad-2014-essential-training-6-sharing-drawings-with-others-udemy.rar (600.10 MB)

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