AWS for Managers

Free download AWS for Managers. This tutorial/course is created by Suresh S. All you need to know about Amazon AWS as a Manager. This tutorial/course has been retrieved from Udemy which you can download for absolutely free.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will get a clear idea of various services offered by Amazon AWS. You will also understand the benefits and challenges involved in moving to the Cloud. You will also learn how to propose for a Cloud based project and understand what questions you need to ask your client. Finally you will also understand the challenges in calculating ROI for Cloud projects

This course is specially designed for Managers who are looking to learn about AWS and Managers who are about to take up AWS Projects.

Managers with lot of work experience, do not typically need to take up certification course since these are more for people who are involved in day to day hands on administration work. Managers need to have a higher level view of the Cloud and the services that are being offered. They also need to understand the benefits and challenges of the Cloud. Managers are required to run projects which including collecting requirements and responding to RFPs.

This course will help managers:

  • Get an overview of Cloud
  • Understand AWS and the range of services it offers
  • Understand the benefits and challenges in moving to Cloud
  • Understand and overcome the Migration challenge
  • As the right questions when preparing a response for a RFP
  • Write a detailed proposal for Cloud based projects
  • Understand the security aspects of AWS
  • Understand how to Optimize Cost
  • How to handle Legacy Systems
  • How to reskill your workforce

Free Download AWS for Managers

  Download aws-for-managers-udemy.rar (876.53 MB)

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