Career Clinic: IT Insights

Free download Career Clinic: IT Insights. This tutorial/course is created by LinkedIn Learning Instructors and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. IT and Hardware and IT skills are covered in this course.

This career clinic provides relevant and timely advice for those entering into or moving through careers in IT. Hear from experts, including engineers, consultants, technical trainers, professors, analysts, system administrators, a CTO, and more. They share their personal experiences about what has shaped their careers and the methods they use to stay on top of industry trends. Find out about activities they perform, events they participate in, and modern technologies that keep them engaged. Discover how they have been able to identify and gain the right skills to be effective and find success.

Topics includes:

  • Getting started in the IT field
  • Finding opportunities
  • Acquiring important skills
  • Keeping skills sharp and current
  • Making career changes
  • Learning new technologies
  • Staying engaged

(bright upbeat music) – To stay on top of the latest trends, I go to a lot of conferences. I think that’s one thing. Conferences are great ways to kind of hear what, you know, the latest and greatest things are. You get to learn from lots of other people in the community. I read a lot of books. I’m always kind of looking for new books to read. ‘Cause I think I have a whole collection of favorites. But I try to kind of bring new favorites into the mix.

I’m also a fan of learning courses like, you know, like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy. I think there are great platforms where you can take courses to learn something new. And it’s kind of a nice way to learn. You know, maybe a little bit different than reading a book, you actually kind of get to have information presented in a different way and can follow along and do exercises. So that’s a really interactive way to learn as well. I’m also really excited about machine learning. And at GitHub we’re doing really cool stuff with machine learning and trying to kind of connect individuals with different projects.

And I think that’s really exciting to see how machine learning can really be applied in different areas of our life. So over the past few years something that I’ve tried to do to be more extroverted is to give conference talks actually. So I guess I recently have looked for opportunities to do more public speaking because it is something that is always really frightened me. So I feel like the best way to kind of get over that is just to go out and do it. And yeah, that’s been really fantastic.

Just, I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve found so many new opportunities just from stepping out of my shell that I think it’s totally worth it. Recently, I’ve been mentoring bootcamp students. That’s really popular I think kind of nationwide right now. But particularly in San Francisco there are a lot of great bootcamps. So, it’s been nice for me to mentor those students as, you know, they’re going through the program. And a lot of these students have actually, you know, switched careers and are doing something completely different now and are new to tech.

So I think it’s important for me to, you know, support these students. They definitely can make it. And, you know, they’re going to be able to get a job and be successful and succeed at that. Currently I have a couple mentors that I like to stay in touch with regularly and I feel like are really helping me think about where I am in my career now and also where I want to grow down the line. I really value having someone who kind of can just push me a little bit. I think that has been really nice.

And it’s just really nice to have someone kind of to talk to and learn from their experiences. And yeah I think that’s been completely invaluable. I think the biggest advice that I could have for tech professionals is to just keep continuing to learn. It just seems like, you know, there’s always new tools and frameworks coming out. Technology can change so fast. So I think the most important thing is just to try to, try to continue learning and kind of keep up with the trends. try out new things. Just experiment. Have fun.

Build your own projects. Just keep learning, keep having fun. (bright upbeat music)

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