Content Marketing: Ebooks

Free download Content Marketing: Ebooks. This tutorial/course is created by Megan Adams and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Content Marketing and Marketing skills are covered in this course.

Learn how to leverage ebooks as content marketing materials. Ebooks can be a compelling tool to reach new audiences, whether your goal is sales or email signups. Online marketing strategist Megan Adams shows you the ins and outs of using ebooks for marketing. Learn how to choose the right topic, write and format your ebook, price it correctly, and promote it to your target audience. Finally, find out how to incorporate your ebook into your content marketing strategy, to promote your business, brand, and credibility in your market.

Topics includes:

  • Deciding on an ebook topic
  • Choosing a title
  • Writing an ebook
  • Publishing an ebook
  • Pricing an ebook
  • Adding an ebook to a content marketing plan

Hi, I’m Megan Adams, and welcome to this course on Content Marketing with Ebooks. I’m an online marketing strategist who’s helped to significantly grow many brands and businesses through content marketing with a focus on ebooks and digital publishing. Ebooks are a strategic marketing tool to help you attract and retain your target market, ultimately driving them to take profitable customer action. That is purchasing your ebook, or even downloading it for free and joining your email marketing list. In this course, you’ll learn how you can find marketing success with an ebook by choosing the right topic, writing and formatting the content, learning how to price your book, and understanding the best promotional marketing tips for getting your ebook in front of your ideal audience.

By watching this course, you’ll learn everything that you need to know in order to write and publish an ebook and how to market and promote it. I’m excited to guide you through creating an ebook and showing how you can powerfully add it to your content marketing strategy. Let’s get started.

Free Download Content Marketing: Ebooks

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