Creating an Editorial Calendar

Free download Creating an Editorial Calendar. This tutorial/course is created by Brian Honigman and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Content Marketing, Marketing and Online Marketing skills are covered in this course.

Ever publish a video or article that didn’t get the attention you think it deserved? Are you often juggling competing messages and stories? Editorial calendars help you organize and schedule your marketing campaigns and ensure your content meets its potential. Here Brian Honigman covers the best practices for creating and using an editorial calendar. He’ll walk you through the choices you need to consider before choosing a calendar format (master or secondary; department specific or task specific) and selecting a tool (a simple spreadsheet or a CMS like WordPress). He then shows you how to create your calendar, and execute on it consistently going forward.

Topics includes:

  • Defining an editorial calendar
  • Establishing calendar objectives
  • Choosing the right tool
  • Setting the time frame
  • Adding campaigns and marketing channels
  • Executing the editorial calendar

– Have you ever launched a marketing campaign that didn’t go anywhere? Did you ever publish a video or an article and it didn’t perform like you had hoped? Well, you’re not alone, this happens pretty often. Organizations share content without properly planning and their inspiring initiative never reaches its full potential. Creating an editorial calendar can help your business structure content strategy for success. By ensuring your publishing efforts are focused on key priorities, organized for team collaboration, and foster a consistent cadence with your audience. I’m Bryan Honingman and as a content marketing consultant, writer, trainer, and speaker, I’ve helped dozens of growing start ups and established brands create and share compelling content to better illustrate their story.

In this course we’ll discuss how to develop and execute an editorial calendar to give each initiative and piece of content produced the best chance for a favorable outcome. We’ll start by defining the elements every editorial calendar should include, the types of goals to focus on, the essential tools to use for creating and formatting your calendar, like co-schedule, Trello, and Google Sheets. And how to use this document on a regular basis. Let’s get you started on the process of producing and using a purpose-driven editorial calendar.

Free Download Creating an Editorial Calendar

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