Data Science Foundations: Data Mining

Free download Data Science Foundations: Data Mining. This tutorial/course is created by Barton Poulson and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Business, Business Intelligence, Big Data, IT and Data Analysis skills are covered in this course.

All data science begins with good data. Data mining is a framework for collecting, searching, and filtering raw data in a systematic matter, ensuring you have clean data from the start. It also helps you parse large data sets, and get at the most meaningful, useful information. This course, Data Science Foundations: Data Mining, is designed to provide a solid point of entry to all the tools, techniques, and tactical thinking behind data mining.

Barton Poulson covers data sources and types, the languages and software used in data mining (including R and Python), and specific task-based lessons that help you practice the most common data-mining techniques: text mining, data clustering, association analysis, and more. This course is an absolute necessity for those interested in joining the data science workforce, and for those who need to obtain more experience in data mining.

Topics includes:

  • Prerequisites for data mining
  • Data mining using R, Python, Orange, and RapidMiner
  • Data reduction
  • Data clustering
  • Anomaly detection
  • Association analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Sequence mining
  • Text mining

Data is all around us, and it’s increasing at an explosive rate. The challenge is how to make sense of this overwhelming resource and get meaningful, usable information out of it. Data mining can help you do just that. I’m Barton Poulson, and I’ve been teaching people how to work productively with data, online and in person, for over 20 years. Without a doubt though, the last few years and the progress in data mining have made it the most exciting of all. In this course, I’m going to give you a map of the field of data mining.

We’ll explore some of the important principles that make data mining what it is, and how it can be applied. More importantly, we’ll get hands-on work with some of the most important techniques in data mining, such as text mining, clustering, classification and association analysis, using some of the most critical tools, such as R, Python, RapidMiner, and others. In addition, I’ll give you opportunities to work on each of these tasks and with each of these programs and languages, so you can get an insider view on data mining. I’m excited to introduce you to data mining and to help you start making sense of the data deluge, so let’s get started.

Free Download Data Science Foundations: Data Mining

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