Excel Using Only Keyboard- Advance Shortcuts,Tips & Tricks

Free download Excel Using Only Keyboard- Advance Shortcuts,Tips & Tricks. This tutorial/course is created by Himanshu Verma. Learn Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to perform daily Excel tasks using only keyboard and no mouse like a pro!. This tutorial/course has been retrieved from Udemy which you can download for absolutely free.

What Will I Learn?

  • The students will have an added skill of running excel like a pro using only keyboard and be more productive at work. The course also shows some tools and options available to simplify tasks. Besides, the knowledge gained will boost confidence and interest in working on Excel.

Welcome to Learn Excel Using Only Keyboard. A unique and comprehensive course about Excel shortcuts. In this course, you will learn to work on Excel in a professional way right through the keyboard and no mouse. Excel Shortcuts provide one-step options for daily tasks and therefore save a lot of time and efforts. Indeed, excel experts work using shortcuts so that they can work faster and achieve more while spending less time. If you also work on Excel as part of your job then you can take this course, learn these different shortcuts, become quick and get more comfortable working.

The course consists of three Chapters:

  • 1.Perform Daily Tasks in One Step: The lessons under this Chapter focus on activities related primarily to common tasks as well as editing data such asOpening/Closing a new/existing workbook, copying and pasting values, navigating to different columns, cells, sheets, workbooks, applying filters, sorting values, adding/deleting rows/columns and many more as you are typing without getting your hands off the keyboard.

  • 2.Changing Layouts Of Data: While we have created our tables, or filled cell values, we often require to add layouts or designs such as change background color, fore color, text size, formats. The lessons also explain various important options such as word wrap, zoom in/zoom out, auto-width and many more.

  • 3.Miscellaneous: This chapter demonstrate and explains use of Quick Access Toolbar that can simplify your work even more and at the same time changing page layouts such as margins, orientation, page size, etc. all using only keyboard.

As you watch these video series, try using these learnt shortcuts in your day-to-day work and see the difference it makes.

Free Download Excel Using Only Keyboard- Advance Shortcuts,Tips & Tricks

  Download excel-using-only-keyboard-advance-shortcuts-tips-tricks-udemy.rar (557.58 MB)

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