Focus on Your Skills

Free download Focus on Your Skills. This tutorial/course is created by Randy Kessler and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Business skills are covered in this course.

Family law expert Randy Kessler speaks about how to build teams with complementary skills that builds cohesion into accomplishing goals. By focusing on what you’re good at and finding complementary skills within the team, the outcomes are much more powerful and successful.

(upbeat music) – How do you spend time on what you’re good at, and why should you spend time on what you’re good at? Well, to be successful, to achieve your goals, in my opinion, and at least on my limited success, is because I figured out what I can do well. I try cases well, I enjoy trying cases, I enjoy presenting to juries, I enjoy presenting seminars, so I focus on that. I don’t like drafting 35 page settlement agreements for divorcing parties.

It’s a lot of detail, I like looking at the drafted settlement agreement and saying that provision should not apply here. I like taking the 40,000 foot view, so what I’ve done to let me do what I’m good at is I’ve hired people to do the drafting. So, if you’re good at baking pies and you want to open a business to sell pies, have somebody do the books. And you might say, I don’t have the money to pay somebody to do the books. Well, if you spend 10 hours a day doing the books and two hours a day baking pies you’re going to fail. Spend 10 hours a day baking pies and two hours doing the books and have a consultant or have somebody help you.

Try your best, in my opinion, to get rid of the stuff that you’re not good at, because what you’re good at is what’s going to make you money. And if you think about this, think about the people that are best in their field, think about the people that have achieved real high levels of success. Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, when you think of them, don’t you think of them smiling? They love what they do because they’re doing what they’re good at. The basketball players that are top of their game, they have a passion for it and they’re good at it, and they’re making money at it. If they’re spending time being their own agent trying to find a job for themselves, they wouldn’t be spending time on the court practicing their craft.

So, practice your craft, find something you love, and there’s a book that says do what you love the money will follow, and I believe that. It’s hard, and it’s easy to say hire people, hire people, hire people, but really don’t spend time doing stuff you’re not good at. That will consume you and you might not ever get to do what you’re good at because you’re spending time focusing on the things that you’re not good. I’m fortunate to have found a job that I like and I hope everybody finds a job they like. I feel like at the end of the day if I do my job well I can go home and say I helped the world in a small way or I helped a family, so do something that’ll make you feel good even when you’re not doing it, and good luck.

Free Download Focus on Your Skills

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