Guide to Install or Migrate WordPress to AWS Lightsail 2018

Free download Guide to Install or Migrate WordPress to AWS Lightsail 2018. This tutorial/course is created by Priyanka P. The Complete guide to install, migrate, troubleshoot and add Free SSL to your WordPress Websites on AWS Lightsail.. This tutorial/course has been retrieved from Udemy which you can download for absolutely free.

What Will I Learn?

  • Install WordPress on AWS Lightsail
  • Migrate WordPress from current host to AWS Lightsail
  • Create and configure your first Lightsail WordPress Instance
  • Install SSL for Free and Provide secure HTTPS access to your WordPress blog or website
  • Troubleshoot Email and other common issues in hosting WordPress on Lightsail
  • Create a Backup of your Instance with one click
  • Restore a Backup of your Instance with one click
  • Learn to assign Static IP
  • WordPress Migration Process Method 1: Using Plugin
  • WordPress Migration Process Method 2: Using WordPress Import/Export Tools
  • WordPress Migration Process Method 3: Full Backup and restore method using WordPress File and Database

** Updated Oct 2018 – This course covers  WordPress Installation and Migration to Amazon Lightsail. Also learn to make your website more secured using free SSL/HTTPS in few simple steps !! It will also help you setup automatic SSL renewal for Letsencrypt** 

Guaranteed this course will teach you the easiest way to install and migrate WordPress on Amazon Cloud Lightsail Platform with low Predictable Cloud Pricing and install SSL certificate on your WordPress for Free. 

Additionally, this course will also cover troubleshooting of the common problems (For ex. Email Server Troubleshooting, Plugin installation permission issues, etc.) which occur while running a WordPress on AWS Lightsail.

Also, download the complete Step by Step guide to install and migrate WordPress to Amazon Lightsail.

Amazon launched its Lightsail Service in late 2016 for small and medium scaled business websites/applications, it is so amazing that if you are not yet using it then your are really missing something amazing for your WordPress Blog or Site.  

Now you are thinking How and Why Amazon Lightsail? So, it’s because

  • It uses Amazon’s world-class Cloud Infrastructure

  • Amazing Lightsail is one of the most secured and fast Web hosting Platform for your WordPress Blog or Site compared to traditional servers.

  • You can jumpstart your WordPress on servers available all around the world in just few clicks.

  • You can scale up your WordPress blog or site in minutes

  • Provide seamless experience to your visitors with load balancing and great performance

  • Cloud hosting Prices are low and Predictable, and the basic plan offers  first month for Free*

  • Get insights about your Server Performance and health Matrices

  • One click backup and restore

  • Increase your WordPress Capabilities by using other Amazon Services with your Lightsail 

  • It also enhances your WordPress Performance and boost SEO with better server response times

…and many more.

After the completion of this course you will have all required skills and knowledge to 

  • Quick start building your own WordPress blog/Site on cloud platform like Amazon.

  • Get started with your Amazon AWS account to take advantage of various Amazon Services 

  • Create one or more Lightsail instance.

  • Configure these instances to suite your WordPress website

  • Add static IP to your Instance

  • Troubleshooting WordPress common Email issues on AWS

  • Provide secure access (https) to your WordPress Blog/Site with free SSL Certificate 

  • Renew this SSL Certificate when needed

  • SSL Auto Renewal 

  • Backup your WordPress instance using Snapshot

  • Create a new WordPress Instance from this backed up snapshot

  • Migrate your WordPress Website to any web serve with Non-technical Approach using Plugins

  • Migrate your WordPress to any web server using WordPress tools

  • Learn the to migrate using full manual Backup and Restore method for your Database as well as WordPress contain

I appreciate that you took a moment to check out my course. 

I am sure you are interested to learn the latest Platform to host your WordPress blog or Site. So why wait any longer to take advantage of the world class Amazon Cloud Infrastructure?

Forget the old school Hosting, Click on “Take This Course” button to join this course and get ready to learn amazing, quick, hustle free installation as well as migration steps for your WordPress Blog or Site on Amazon Cloud platform. 

This course will also help developers and agency owners learn advance cloud deployment of the WordPress so you can undertake high-value enterprise WordPress projects.

Free Download Guide to Install or Migrate WordPress to AWS Lightsail 2018

  Download guide-to-install-or-migrate-wordpress-to-aws-lightsail-2018-udemy.rar (424.19 MB)

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