Marketing Analytics: Segmentation and Testing

Free download Marketing Analytics: Segmentation and Testing. This tutorial/course is created by Adriaan Brits and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Analytics and Marketing skills are covered in this course.

An understanding of how to segment and test marketing campaigns with analytics is a useful addition to any digital marketer’s toolkit. In this course, digital marketing consultant Adriaan Brits shows you—with real-world examples in Google Analytics—how to optimize your campaigns by segmenting and testing them, and then how to analyze your results. To begin, Adriaan explains why digital marketers segment and test their campaigns. He also goes over the difference between planned and retroactive segmentation, and how you can use these concepts to efficiently organize your workflow. Next, using case studies, he shows you how to set up segments for testing in Google Analytics for technological, demographic, behavioral, social, and email campaign types. Finally, he provides tips and tricks for testing with analytics, and offers practice tasks that you can replicate using your own Google Analytics account.

Topics includes:

  • The difference between planned and retroactive segmentation
  • Setting up segments for testing in Google Analytics
  • Using demographic segmentation to plan future advertising
  • Testing the popularity of website content with behavioral segmentation
  • How analytics reveal social segments
  • Testing segment conversion rate and performance
  • Achieving segmentation with conversion segments within multichannel funnels
  • The differences between multivariate and A/B testing
  • Creating a digital marketing report

Segmentation and testing with analytics is a crucial part of managing the digital marketing in any business. My name’s Adriann Brits and I’m a marketing consultant. In this course I’m going to provide you with a good overview and some practical tips on segmentation and testing in Google Analytics. Let me walk you through the topics that we’re going to cover. During the introduction you will see exactly what segmentation and testing is, and why we use it as digital marketers. I’m going to show you the difference between planned and retroactive segmentation in analytics and how you can use this to organize your workflow more efficiently.

In setting up segments for testing, I’m going to share with you live examples covering about six bases for segmentation, being technological, demographic, behavioral, campaign type, social and email. Now, mastering these examples will then enable you to replicate the techniques on many other bases of segmentation, provided that it’s supported by analytics. In the Tips and Ideas for Testing with Analytics section, you will learn the difference between multivariate and A/B testing and then, through a practical challenge and solution, I’m going to share with you a few tips on how you can apply a combination of the things that we learned in the course.

So, I’d like to invite you to join me on the course, after which you will be better equipped to use segmentation and testing as a vital part of your analytics.

Free Download Marketing Analytics: Segmentation and Testing

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