Marketing Analytics: Setting and Measuring KPIs

Free download Marketing Analytics: Setting and Measuring KPIs. This tutorial/course is created by Adriaan Brits and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Analytics and Marketing skills are covered in this course.

How are you measuring your marketing efforts? Do you want to make more data-driven decisions? KPIs (key performance indicators) offer a quantitative measure of your success, whether you track it in visits, clicks, signups, or purchases. Luckily, it’s easy to set and track KPIs using one of the most popular marketing tools around: Google Analytics.

Learn how to step up your marketing analytics game with this course on setting and measuring KPIs from marketing expert Adriaan Brits. He shows how to import existing dashboards and create brand-new ones to measure your KPIs and keep track of relevant data. Learn how to enhance dashboards with goals and event tracking, review historic or recent trends, and find more data you need. Then get tips and tricks for reading Google Analytics reports and measuring specific KPIs related to content marketing, brand awareness, or even customer loyalty.

Marketing campaign specialists use Google Analytics to set up and measure KPIs. This in turn allows for more data driven decisions and that is what this course is all about. My name is Adriaan Brits and I’m a marketing consultant. Let me walk you through the topics that we’ll cover on this course. First, I’m going to provide you with a good overview that will enable you to choose actionable KPIs for measurement and this will come with loads of practical examples. In setting up KPIs with Google Analytics you’re going to learn how to use existing dashboards or create new custom dashboards that align specifically with your KPIs, which we will then enhance with the use of goals or event tracking.

In measuring KPIs with Google Analytics I will show you how to expand dashboard data to measure historic and recent KPI trends, and provide you with practical tips on finding the data you need with different reporting tools. We will also explore ways of doing this transparently so that you can share and report this data to others in your organization who may not be familiar with Google Analytics. I would like to invite you to join me on the course, after which you’ll be well equipped to set up and measure KPIs with analytics, and to tailor the advice to your own needs.

Free Download Marketing Analytics: Setting and Measuring KPIs

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