Marketing Foundations: Growth Hacking

Free download Marketing Foundations: Growth Hacking. This tutorial/course is created by Brad Batesole and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. B2C Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Small Business Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing skills are covered in this course.

Learn the concepts, methods, and successful real-world uses of growth hacking to quickly expand your customer base. Join marketing expert Brad Batesole as he explains what elements have to be in place for growth hacking to be successful, including site analytics, a great landing page, an understanding of the funnel, and a solid testing plan. Brad then explains typical growth-hacking opportunities as well as strategies for generating an audience via SEO, influencers, content marketing, social-media engagements, advertising, current events, and more.

The course concludes with growth-hacking case studies, highlighting the growth-hacking techniques that helped propel such companies as Airbnb, Uber, and Tinder to explosive growth.

Topics includes:

  • What is growth hacking?
  • Understanding the funnel
  • Setting up tracking and analytics
  • Leveraging customers and existing users
  • Testing ideas
  • Generating an audience
  • Creating an incentive strategy
  • Real-world examples of successful growth hacking

– Hi, I’m Brad Batesole, and welcome to Growth Hacking Fundamentals. In this course, we’ll take a close look at how to identify and leverage opportunities in the market to grow your business. I’ll provide you with the high-level concepts necessary to adopt the mindset of a growth hacker, and understand the methodology behind it. Throughout each chapter, I’ll provide you with an understanding of why growth hacks work, when they don’t work, and what steps to take before you get started. We’ll also go beyond the concepts, and take a look at companies who have successfully implemented growth hacking into their marketing efforts.

Now, this course isn’t going to give you an exact list of what to do, or a clearly-defined formula to follow. Growth hacking requires your own individual creativity, and unique perspective as it relates to your industry. So, instead I’ll be giving you a look into the world of growth hacking so you can find inspiration, and adopt the right mindset to find success. Let’s get started.

Free Download Marketing Foundations: Growth Hacking

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