Organization Development (OD): The Evaluation Phase

Free download Organization Development (OD): The Evaluation Phase. This tutorial/course is created by Illumeo Learning & Carrie Foster (Udemy). This course discusses how evaluation of OD is a continuous and constant process of assessment.. This tutorial/course has been retrieved from Udemy which you can download for absolutely free.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the importance of the evaluation phase in understanding whether there has been a Return on Investment (ROI) from the Organization Development (OD) intervention
  • Explore the Organization Development (OD) evaluation phase as a continuous and constant process of assessment
  • Discover the Organization Development (OD) evaluation tool kit to evaluate progress at each stage of the OD cycle.

In this course, we discuss how evaluation of Organization Development (OD) is a continuous and constant process of assessment, which takes place throughout the OD cycle. We start with a brief overview of how evaluation allows the OD practitioner to make adjustments to keep things on track and respond to new information that becomes available as a consequence of each interaction and intervention.  This leads to a conversation about how it is essential that mechanisms are put into place to evaluate progress and take stock of what has been achieved. 

Then, we explore how the organization evolves during an OD program, which means that plans that were crafted following the initial investigation will need to be adjusted or scrapped entirely.  This course examines a range of OD evaluation methods available to assess the extent to which the OD intervention has delivered the outcomes agreed prior to program delivery.

Free Download Organization Development (OD): The Evaluation Phase

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