Photoshop CC 2017 Essential Training: Design

Free download Photoshop CC 2017 Essential Training: Design. This tutorial/course is created by Julieanne Kost and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Masking + Compositing, Design, Illustration, Photography, Raw Processing and Retouching skills are covered in this course.

Photoshop is a powerful program used across many industries, from art, photography, film, and design to law enforcement and scientific imaging. In Photoshop CC 2017 Essential Training: Design, Julieanne Kost created a course specifically for designers, with the goal of removing technical barriers so you can master the technology, start creating as soon as possible, and quickly get results.

Photoshop CC is loaded with tools and features for making tonal and color adjustments, applying effects and treatments to type and graphics, and distorting, filtering, and layering elements, while always maintaining the highest-quality output. This course shows the most efficient ways to perform common design tasks, including layout, image editing, drawing shapes, and working with type and fonts. Along the way, you will learn the secrets of nondestructive editing using Smart Objects and master features such as layers, artboards, libraries, adjustment layers, filters, blending modes, layer effects, typography, custom brushes, vector masks, and much more—increasing your productivity every step of the way.

Topics includes:

  • Working with Smart Objects
  • Warping and creative transformations
  • Reshaping images with Liquify
  • Using filters, including blur and patterns
  • Creating and modifying shapes
  • Applying blend modes
  • Applying layer effects and layer styles
  • Working with type and fonts
  • Painting in Photoshop
  • Using and sharing libraries
  • Taking advantage of artboards
  • Exporting and sharing Photoshop files

Hi and welcome to the Photoshop CC design course. My name’s Julieanne Kost, and I’ve been working on the Photoshop team at Adobe for over 24 years. I started in technical support, worked as a designer on the customer education team, and today, I’m the principal digital imaging evangelist. Because Photoshop is a complex program, I created this fundamental training course and the tools that we cover specifically with the designer in mind. We’ll start by exploring the power of smart objects and their ability to allow us to work in a flexible and non-destructive manner.

Then we’ll take an in-depth tour of the different transformation tools and filters that designers use most often. Together, we’ll walk through the essentials of shape layers, layer effects and styles, as well as fill layers and blend modes. We’ll take a look at how to work with Photoshop’s type and painting tools as well as cover the essential aspects of libraries, art boards, and file export in order to increase our productivity. My goal is to remove any technical barriers so that you can master the technology and start creating as soon as possible.

I’m excited to be your instructor, and I can’t wait to share what I know about Photoshop, so let’s get started.

Free Download Photoshop CC 2017 Essential Training: Design

  Download photoshop-cc-2017-essential-training-design-udemy.rar (621.23 MB)

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