The Complete Unity 3D Game Development Course – Make 6 Games

Free download The Complete Unity 3D Game Development Course – Make 6 Games. This tutorial/course is created by Denis Panjuta. Create Amazing 3D Games With C#, Unity 2017 & Blender – ZigZag, Minesweeper, Fruit Ninja, Farmville And Many More. This tutorial/course has been retrieved from Udemy which you can download for absolutely free.

What Will I Learn?

  • Create real world video games like Zig Zag, Pong, Minesweeper, Fruit Ninja, Bitblaster XL
  • How to make your own amazing and fun games with unity 3D within a few days, while enjoying the process of learning ūüôā
  • Expert level knowledge in coding with C#
  • Use Unity Ads to make money with games and build your own empire
  • Play sounds and music in your games to create this amazing atmosphere you always enjoy in games.
  • Create your own beautiful maps and levels in a matter of minutes.
  • Create beautiful user interfaces that improves the player’s experience.

Unity game development is the best way to make your own games or find a job in the industry! Start this course now to get there in just four weeks! 

*** One new chapter with a complete game added for each 5000 new students. You can vote which game will be the next one! ***

The Complete Unity 3D Game Development course is completely project based, and you are going to create 6 fully featured games from scratch using the Unity 3D Game Engine.

Have you ever had an idea for a game, or wanted to work as a game developer?

Then you are at the right place!

You will love Unity 3D and will even learn to love C#!

In this course you are going to discover how to make games with Unity 3D Рarguably the best game development engine in the world. Which allows you to create amazing indie titles but also triple A games for Android, iOS, PC, MAC, PS4, XBox, Nintendo Switch, virtual reality and many more systems.

Unity 3D is free so after taking the course there are no further fees.

Learn Game Development with Unity 3D the easy and fun way!

What will I get from this Unity 3D course?

  1. Advanced C# coding skills
  2. Advanced Unity 3D game development skills
  3. Basic blender skills to create your own 3D assets
  4. Support in the discussion forums

Which projects will be covered?

  1. Pong Clone
  2. Endless Runner (e.g. Zig Zag Clone)
  3. Minesweeper
  4. Fruit Ninja Clone
  5. Farm Ville Clone
  6. Bitblaser XL Clone

What you will learn:

  1. Use and adjust the Unity interface
  2. Advanced C# programming
  3. Import assets from the asset store and use the work of others to your advantage
  4. Create and Play sounds
  5. Move objects dynamically or manually
  6. Character Animations
  7. Using user input in many different ways, e.g. klick, button taps, keyboard taps, touchscreen input etc.
  8. Using scores and highscores
  9. Swap and reset scenes 
  10. Using physics materials to bounce or slow down objects
  11. Using different types of colliders
  12. Using Raycast to check which element is selected
  13. Make objects follow the mouse of the player 
  14. Create a 3D map with beautiful 3D assets from the Unity Asset Store
  15. Create a beatifull UI 
  16. Create 3D models with Blender
  17. Rotate gameObjects on middle button press
  18. Implementation of a “hover” functionality¬†
  19. Using Unity Ads to make money with your games
  20. Exporting a game to Android
  21. Game Development Concepts
  22. and much more

Who is your instructor?

I’m Denis Panjuta,¬†an Instructor who¬†taught over 40k Students how to code already and my mission is to teach coding to 100k students by 2019!¬† I received my¬†bachelor degree in engineering at the HTWG¬†Konstanz in Germany and love making video games with Unity and teaching others how to do the same.

How you will get from zero to hero in game development with Unity 3D:

Bringing an Idea to life is one of the best feelings one can have. But the path to get there is often full of challenges. So we have created a course that makes this path as easy as possible!

You start off by learning the basics of Unity Physics and player movement. Then you learn to code in C# one of the most advanced and best programming languages available, within a couple of hours.

Once you are learned the basics of C#¬†you will start off with Pong a huge success. This will teach you how to create UIs, basic physics, player movement and even a basic AI. This is already the basis for nearly every game you’re ever going to make.

So you can start the course with no coding experience what so ever. Having the desire to make games is the only prerequisite to start with this course and make that desire reality.

We live in a world, where knowledge and work is shared more than ever, so using assets provided by others is a huge boost to your progress.  You will learn how to use 3D assets to make an endless runner in Unity 3D. Then you’ll use animations, reset the game, use particle systems and finally  create a map procedurally. That’s quite some advanced stuff right there.

As coding is an extremely important skill to make your own complex games, you will get a huge boost to your coding skills in the third game, Minesweeper, a huge success of the nineties and still a highly addictive game. You learn to build random fields, make dynamic User interfaces, use timers and much more. Equipped with those skills, you’re already able to build far more complex games on your own

I know that learning to code and making games can be hard at times, and sometimes you just get stuck. But no worries, we are there for you. We answer each question as quickly as we can and make sure that you reach your goal of becoming a game developer.

This Unity 3D¬†and C#¬†course teaches you how to make use of stunning graphics and effects, available as “ready to use” assets from the internet. In addition, you’re going to learn how to create and modify them on your own, so you can build every single aspect of your game on your own by then.

Ever wanted to slice some fruits on your phone? Then you will love the fifth chapter, where you will learn to build a fruit ninja clone, a huge mobile success. In this chapter you will see how you can build such a successful game within less than two hours from scratch. In this chapter you will also learn how to prepare a game for mobile and export it to and test it on an Android device. Building a Bitblaster XL clone you will learn to make different enemy types, extend a game as you go, use multiple different shooting types, create random enemies, use tags and much more. You could even simply take that game and make it your own.

Currently final Unity 3D project of this course

Making a construction game like Farmville or Anno 1800 is a huge dream of many developers, so we have created a whole chapter covering just that. You will learn how to make your own 3D House and Wind Mill assets, place buildings on the map, while in play mode, create a resource system, make a beautiful ui using assets from the asset store, upgrade buildings and of course how to save and load the game using serializable classes.

Upon completion of this course you will know C# perfectly and will be able to take your own ideas and make complete games from them with Unity 3D!

So don’t waste any more time and start to make your dreams and ideas come true by taking this course now!

Free Download The Complete Unity 3D Game Development Course РMake 6 Games

  Download the-complete-unity-3d-game-development-course-make-6-games-udemy.rar (945.32 MB)

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