Windows 8: Troubleshooting 1

Free download Windows 8: Troubleshooting 1. This tutorial/course is created by Steve Fullmer and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. IT Help Desk and IT skills are covered in this course.

Learn how to troubleshoot Windows 8 environments. Join author Steve Fullmer and learn how to perform PowerShell-script-based troubleshooting, network troubleshooting, and remote management. Explore the Problem Steps Recorder, recovery options, USMutils, transition technology, HomeGroup, and application compatibility.

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– Windows 8 continues to provide the same troubleshooting capability that was available to us in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Most particularly in Windows 7, using PowerShell troubleshooters or PowerShell script-based troubleshooters. While that’s present, this module goes more deeply into some of the enhanced traditional capabilities available to Windows 8. This module series is going to continue to expand as students in the classroom or online, provide me with more information of some of the challenges they face in troubleshooting Windows 8 platforms.

So this is just the beginning of an entire series of troubleshooting capabilities, videos and courses, that will help you to better manage and troubleshoot issues associated with Windows 8 and to distinguish some of the unique features and the challenge in configuring and managing them in your enterprise environments. We’ll talk about some basic troubleshooting tools, specifically focus on Network Troubleshooting and heavily on some of the ad hoc and wireless troubleshooting capabilities that you might run into with Windows 8. We’ll talk about Remote Management. There’s been some popular questions or queries in terms of RDP, remote desktop, remote terminal services, remote assistance, and other capabilities, including PowerShell.

The presence of PowerShell 3.0 in Windows 8 allows you to do much better remote management of a Windows 8 desktop using PowerShell tools. Matter of fact, very popular if you’re taking any of the Windows 8 test or certification series, that you become more familiar with PowerShell and PowerShell Command List. And then just some of the miscellaneous issues that people identify in the classroom or in labs or in the real world for us that we can answer here. Some of the topics and examples that are here on the video series right up front that you might be interested in is take a look at the Problem Steps Recorder, which can be used capture and report problems to Microsoft or can also be use to prepare the “how-to’s” for your users as you’re preparing to deploy Windows 8.

The different Recovery options that are available to you, we talk about those in specific detail in other courses, but we go into much greater detail and specific troubleshooting use of Recovery options here. The use of the term Primary Computer, what’s that mean here to Windows 8? New features associated with Windows 8, how do you set up Primary Computer for users? USMT Utilities, so we have the User State Migration Tool as part of the application or the advanced deployment kit that we’ve got here essentially with Windows 8 that replaces the WAIK that was introduced in Windows 7, the Windows Automated Installation Kit, and the new tool, USMTUtils, how do we use that for troubleshooting, particularly as it relates to moving and repairing user profiles? Some more in-detail analysis with Network Troubleshooting focus.

Transition Technology Overview. This is where we’re moving from IPv4 to IPv6, and what transition technologies are available to support that transition. How do I debug and configure them in Windows 8? The use of HomeGroups in Windows 8, as well as Offline Files Always being available Offline. So, new capability configuration through local or centralized group policy that allow you to force offline files on your client to always be offline requiring you constantly to do that synchronization when it’s important to do so.

And Application Compatibility. With the new Microsoft Store apps running on the desktop, or on the Start Menu here, if we talk about some of the modern and metro applications, how do you better configure your system for application compatibility and/or browser compatibility on your Windows 8 box? This is just a beginning of some of the troubleshooting capabilities that are present in Windows 8 and some of the issues that have been raised to us, but it gives you an overview that this series of Troubleshooters for Windows 8 are here to help you with Windows 8 specific troubleshooting rather than just generic troubleshooting skills.

Take a look at this, and we’ll see how we can help you. As you send us emails, write to us, call us or participate in the classroom, we’ll add, and vastly enhance, the set of troubleshooting tools and tips that are available to you with Windows 8.

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