Designing and Prototyping a Website with Adobe XD

Free download Designing and Prototyping a Website with Adobe XD. This tutorial/course is created by Paul Trani and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Mobile Web, Responsive Design, Web and User Experience skills are covered in this course.

Learn how to design a website using Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD) and how to create prototypes. This course demonstrates each step, starting with how to create graphics, make page layouts, add headers, and add body text. Next, learn how to create complex screen designs with repeated lists and grids. Then, discover how to ensure your designs are flexible enough to work on multiple devices. This course also covers how to make interactive prototypes and recordings that capture how the website will work from one screen to the next, both which can be used as demos of your design and as guides for those who will build it.

Topics includes:

  • Using the Adobe XD workspace
  • Creating and importing graphics
  • Adding text and effects
  • Creating multiple screen layouts
  • Designing for mobile
  • Repeating elements using grids
  • Prototyping a single interaction
  • Prototyping an entire website
  • Making content scroll
  • Recording a video of interactions
  • Sharing prototypes
  • Exporting artboards and assets

Hello and welcome to Designing a Website with Adobe XD CC. It is the 1.0 release. Super excited. I’m just going to call it XD. My name is Paul Trani, and I’m excited to show you how to create a website in XD using the drawing and creation tools that are built in. Show you how to import graphics and images and build the layouts. Not just for desktop, but also if you’re viewing a website on mobile devices, as well. Also dive into using built-in UI kits for iOS and Android and some other wire frames to get you up and running quickly.

I’ll take you through how to use my favorite feature, which is repeat grid, so it allows you to easily create and customize repeating elements, which is what you have to do all the time, it seems. How to prototype websites, linking screens together so you can click through different pages, complete with transitions, some fancy easing, and finally, I’ll show you how you can share that prototype to anyone you want, get their feedback through comments, resolve those comments, record video interactions, even export out all of those lovely graphics, as well, to give to your developer.

All using Adobe XD. I really hope you have fun working in XD as much as I have because it’s been a blast creating this course, so let’s get started.

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