Photoshop: Working Faster

Free download Photoshop: Working Faster. This tutorial/course is created by Chris Orwig and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Photography and Retouching skills are covered in this course.

Do you ever find that it takes forever to improve and finish your images in Photoshop? In this brief course, veteran photographer Chris Orwig shares practical tips that can help you work faster and smarter with this essential software. Chris covers several key topics, including nondestructive filters, adjustment layers, masking, blend modes, brush sizes, and more. Throughout the course, he also provides advanced time-saving tips and shortcuts that can help you truly harness the power of Photoshop.

Topics includes:

  • Advanced masking tips
  • Creating new layers
  • Zoomify
  • Layer clipping mask adjustments
  • Selecting and merging layers
  • Improving black-and-white photographs
  • Using blend mode shortcuts
  • Rapid retouching
  • Faster sharpening

Hi, I’m Chris Orwig and welcome to this course where we will look at how we can work faster in Photoshop. In this course, I’m going to share with you my top 25 tips and tricks for working faster in Photoshop. And here we will cover everything, from tuning up our Photoshop settings, to changing screen modes quickly. We’ll look at how we can zoom in and zoom out, how we can work with nondestructive filters, how we can more effectively mask our photographs or how we can use adjustment layers in a nondestructive way.

We’ll talk about layer styles, creating new layers, selecting layers, merging layers. We’ll look at how we can create better black and white photographs, how we can use blend modes, how we can retouch our photographs more quickly and more. So if you are ready to learn how you can work faster in Photoshop, well you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin.

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