Managing Documents with SharePoint

Free download Managing Documents with SharePoint. This tutorial/course is created by Mark Abdelnour and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Business, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration and IT skills are covered in this course.

Need a secure, collaborative environment for managing documents? Meet SharePoint. Author and SharePoint implementation consultant Mark Abdelnour makes the introductions, showing you the fundamentals of storing and editing different kinds of documents. Learn how to upload files, work with metadata, and create views, the windows into your data in SharePoint. Mark also shows how to share links, set alerts, and use version history to keep track of who changed what when. Plus, learn how to collaborate with team members using apps, such as the Calendars and Discussion Boards apps.

Topics includes:

  • Navigating around SharePoint
  • Uploading one file or multiple files at a time
  • Creating a document library
  • Editing documents
  • Sharing files
  • Working with document views
  • Using apps

(lynda jingle) Hello, I’m Mark Abdelnour, and welcome to Managing Documents with SharePoint. This course is focused on the end user in an organization whose new to SharePoint, and whose job involves document management. I’ll being by discussing what is SharePoint, and how to access it. We’ll also look at how to navigate within a SharePoint site. Next we’ll look at the different ways of uploading documents to document libraries, specifically single versus multiple file uploads.

Then we’ll look at document management features and collaboration tools. We’ll also look at sharing links to documents, setting alerts, and taking advantage of file version history, we’ll examine views, also known as custom visual representations of your SharePoint data. Finally, we’ll look at working with apps where colleagues can work together on a document or team site, utilizing several collaborative elements like calendars, links lists, and discussion boards.

Get ready to dive into Managing Documents with SharePoint.

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