Microsoft Dynamics 365: Advanced Techniques

Free download Microsoft Dynamics 365: Advanced Techniques. This tutorial/course is created by Gini von Courter and it has been retrieved from Lynda which you can download for absolutely free. Business, Enterprise Content Management and IT skills are covered in this course.

Are you ready to take your Microsoft Dynamics 365 skills to the next level? In this course, Gini von Courter walks through how to personalize Dynamics to support your work by customizing reports, templates, and dashboards. Gini begins by showing how to create, modify, and share custom reports. She then explains how to build custom charts, and then create dashboards that incorporate those charts. Plus, she shares how to create custom templates in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Topics includes:

  • Running, managing, exporting, and sharing reports
  • Creating charts and dashboards
  • Adding dashboard charts
  • Modifying dashboard appearance
  • Using system templates
  • Creating personal Word templates
  • Downloading data for an Excel template
  • Modifying a template in Excel
  • Creating a personal email signature

I’m Gini von Courter, and I am pleased to welcome you to this course on Advanced Techniques for Microsoft Dynamics. This course is for end users and focuses on personalizing Dynamics to support your work. We’ll begin by creating a custom report, then modifying and sharing the report within your organization. Next, we’ll see how to create custom charts, then build custom dashboards that include those charts. Finally, we’ll create custom templates in Microsoft Word and Excel.

If you have experience with Microsoft Dynamics and are ready to begin customizing Dynamics reports, templates and dashboards, this is your course. We have a lot to cover together, let’s get started.

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